Change UCAS Password and other UCAR.EDU Kerberos passphrases

Use this form to change your UCAS Password and other UCAR.EDU realm Kerberos principal passphrases.

If you do not already have a UCAS Password, you can create one using the kcreate web form and your UCAS Token, or request assistance from your division support desk or the CISL Help Desk (+1 303-497-2400).

Choose your passphrase with care. It will authenticate you to many systems throughout the organization.

You can generally create a strong and memorable passphrase by building acronyms from a phrase or sentence, or taking multiple words together with both upper and lower case letters, while mixing symbols and numbers inside the words, not just between them or at the ends. Longer is stronger, so prefer using more characters over using more symbols.

Note: This form is only usable for usernames (and other principals) in the @UCAR.EDU realm. Do not include an @REALM string in your username field.

Principal username: @UCAR.EDU
Current passphrase:
New passphrase:
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